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Resveratrol+ is an exciting longevity supplement containing resveratrol extracted from the Japanese Knotweed plant, along with Acai and Green tea.

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Each bottle contains 60 capsukles, take 2 per day

Whats is it?
Resveratrol is an exciting “anti ageing” compound found in red wine, grape skin, Japanese Knotweed, peanuts and some berries. Resveratrol+ is a daily health supplement, high in concentrated, 99% pure Resveratrol extracted from the Japanese Knotweed plant, that naturally supports healthy aging and longevity.

Resveratrol is such an important factor into the study of longevity, that currently there have been almost 10,00 peer-reviewed articles published proving the benefits and importance of Resveratrol.

What do the capsules contain?
The ingredients in Resveratrol+ consist of high-dose resveratrol, along with complementary elements such as green tea, acai, and turmeric. This unique combination aims to provide natural support for various aspects of health, including energy levels, joint mobility, prostate and breast health, brain health, skin health, diabetes management, cholesterol levels, muscle health, and heart health.

Are there any potential side effects?
Resveratrol is generally well-tolerated by the body. However, if you encounter any adverse effects such as nausea, dizziness, or any other unusual reactions, it is advisable to discontinue use immediately and seek guidance from your doctor or healthcare professional.

Are there any precautionary notes?
This product is not suitable for individuals under the age of 18 or pregnant women. Additionally, if you are currently taking medication, have heart issues, or are dealing with any significant health condition, it is not recommended to use this product.

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