NZ-Queen – Menopause Support

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NZ-Queen to support hormone balance in menopausal women. This fine blend of natural plant extracts, can support estrogen, mood, and general wellbeing.

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Each bottle contains 30 capsules, take 1 per day

Whats it for?
NZ-Queen is a supplement formulated to support a women and her hormones during menopause.

What does NZ-Queen contain?
NZ-Queen contains the following plant extracts:Lepidium Meyenii, Polypodium leucotommos, Siberian rhubarb, Black Cohosh, Cissus quadrangularis, Ginkgo Bilobla, Damiana, Hops and passion flower.

Are there side effects?
No side effects if taken as directed. Check with your doctor first if you are taking other drigs or supplements.

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